Was born in Omsk in 1971. He is a member of the Russian Artists Union.

Anatoliy is an Associate Member of the International Academy of Culture and Arts.

He Is a laureate of the All-Russian Exhibition devoted to the 250th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Arts (the picture 'Farewell, Childhood', Moscow Central House of Artists "Young Artists of Russia". 2007).

He is a laureate of the Trans-Regional Exhibition 'AzArtSibir' (Barnaul 2005), a laureate of the exhibition The Artist of the Year (for the artwork 'A portrait for the platinum wedding', Omsk-city 2008).

Anatoliy is a gold medalist of 'National Treasure'. He is famed for his portraits of metropolitan, Omsk and Yekaterinburg beau monde. Quotations: He is adored by fashionable society; you can confide him your secrets and your face.

Movlyan mixes well with each of his complicated models'.

'...Self-taught, he has been recognized for academics, and has become one of the best painters in Russia, working in the classical genre. He is one of the few artists who preserve traditions of the Russian school of portrait. His portraits, especially portraits of children, are among of the masterpieces of fine art'.

In 2008 Anatoliy Movlyan opened the portrait experimental school.

Nowadays Anatoliy Movlyan lives and works in Yekaterinburg.